Recorded Session for March 27, 2017: Joseph’s Dreams Come True (2)

This is the recorded video for the said live session, which marks the beginning of a series of messages on Joseph’s life and his dreams, either given to him personally or given for him to interpret for others’ benefits. If you live inside China, please click here to view the recorded video that has been uploaded to Youku.

If you cannot see the video, please click here to view it on YouTube.

Important Points for this Session:

(1) The name “Joseph” means “let Him add” – God adds His blessings to the house of Israel through Joseph.

(2) Joseph’s age number 17 is a number of resurrection, as Jesus was crucified on the 14th, 17th day of the month is Jesus’ resurrection.

(3) The first dream brings out the sheaf number 10 or 11, depending whether you count Joseph’s younger brother Benjamin or not, and the number 11 or 12 (referring to Joseph).

(4) The second dream brings out star number 11 (Joseph’s older brothers and his younger brother), Joseph’s start number 1 and 12th, the number 13 (including the Sun his father), the number 14 (including the Moon his mother).

(5) Favoritism leads to envy, envy hatred, hatred persecution, persecution killing.

(6) The conspiracy of trying to kill Joseph turned into casting him into a pit with no water with the help of Reuben, the firstborn; Then casting him into pit turned into selling him to Ishmeelite tradesmen who went to Egypt. As a result, Joseph ended into the hand of Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh’s, and captain of the guard.

Recorded Session for March 27, 2017: Joseph's Dreams Come True (2)

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