Commenting on the Number 22 in Manchester Suicide Bombing and Its Implications on the World’s Trend in the Next 5 Years

Not: This article reflects on the Manchester suicide bombing and the world trend in the coming 5 years facing humanity. We do not focus on individuals or even cultures and societies as the whole world has come to a special transitional period where everything is tied up together for a breakthrough. This article in Simplified Chinese and in Classified Chinese

12 days have passed since the suicide bombing in Manchester. When the dust has temporarily settled down, one single number stands out as we reflect on the event, that is the number of 22. Let us recall…

The event took place on the 22th day of May. 22 is also the age of Salman Abdedi, the suspect who started all of this. Beside killing himself, 22 were dead because of this, including many other who were wounded. If you notice the time of the event, it occurred on 22:30, or 10:30pm on that day.

This suicide bombing aimed at American singer Ariana Grande’s concert held at Manchester Arena. Note that singer Ariana Grande is 23 years old, only one year older than suicide bomber. Note also that the concert’s title is “2017 Dangerous Woman Tour”. All tickets sold out and the Manchester Arena was fully packed with about 14,200 people in it. The real danger happened when the concert almost came to its end, when Ariana was singing her last song “Dangerous Woman”. This was the moment when many had started to take the time to leave ahead of others and that was when the foyer area of the Manchester Arena was getting crowded. This was when Salman pressed the trigger for the home-made bomb in his newly purchased backpack, with a sale tag still hanging there.

Greater Manchester Police declared the incident a terrorist attack and suicide bombing. It was the deadliest attack in the United Kingdom since the 7 July 2005 London bombings.

On May 23 (the second day), Prime Minister Theresa May announced that the UK’s terror threat level was raised to “critical”, its highest level. Meanwhile, ISIS claimed the responsibility for the attack.

During and following the attack, many stand out to condemn the attack but few can see through the event from a higher ground. This article attempts to address it from the point of Biblical Prophecy and thus layout the general trend for the whole world.

Starting from the Spiritual Meaning of the Number 22

As the number 22 becomes so outstanding in the event, we would like to talk about this number’s spiritual meaning first. According to the book Numbers and Roots of Numbers in the Bible, the number 22 corresponds to the 22th letter in Hebrew, which is the last letter in their Alphabet system. We find that this letter carries with it the meanings of “mark”, “sign”, “cross”, etc.

For those who are familiar with the Western history, it was a fact that the Good News that carries with it the Sign of the Cross started from Jerusalem and spread to the Europe in the first century. Despite of the human contamination in the early time of Roman Catholic and cruel persecution from the Islamist extreme, Christian faith had planted its seed in Europe and the European culture. However, as the post-modern thoughts of anti-authority and anti-tradition blossom in the whole world, the majority of people in Europe have forsaken their Christian faith and fallen into the abyss of Liberalism, Indivisualism and Atheism. As a result, Europe, as a continent that had received and abandoned the Christian faith the first, has come to the historic stage of ten-toes as described in Daniel’s prophecy, which foretells how human history falls in terms of spirituality. In reality, a dead and hypocrisy religion has replaced the fresh and living faith. The mark of the Cross has lost its effect in real life, which opens opportunities for the Islamic religion to take its position in a strict way.

Note that the whole humanity has changed from the “I kill you so I can live” mentality to the “I die so that the whole world will die with me” thought. This is the clear indication that the world has come to an end, the end for a drastic transition before self destruction can take place.

With this as a context, the sign of Jesus’ Cross, carries with it the meaning “I die so that you can live, I rise from among the dead so that I can live on head and inside of you” stands out as rare and precious as gold.

The apostle John is famous for his attention on using numbers to express their hidden spiritual meanings. For this reason, he wrote two lengthy writings with weight and mysteries. His first book, the Gospel of John, contains 21 chapters. His second writing, Revelation, which is the last book of the New Testament, contains 22 chapters which correspond to 22 Hebrew letters.

Revelation describes how human history as we know it ends. It is worthy to note that human history as described in Revelation does not end like a doomsday as many people have thought. Similar to what is prophesied in Daniel chapter 2, human history ends with this as described in Revelation 21:3…

And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. 4‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.

The latter part of chapter 21 uses “the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God” to describe the picture of God’s kingdom among his people. Chapter 22 continues on using “the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb” to reinforce this wonderful ending.

Moreover, chapter 20 uses 6 occurrences of “a thousand years” to layout a gigantic plan: while Satan is set loose for now, but he will be bound for “a thousand years”. This is so-called Millennial Jubilee in which everyone is spiritually free and physically content. We believe this can only be realized when the Lord Jesus comes back the second time.

For those who cannot believe that such a wonderful age is coming, we say: all true Christians who have truly experienced Jesus’ presence in their hearts throughout the 2000 years since His first coming, we have Satan bound in us and Christ united with us. The reconciliation between God and Man has proven to be true indeed. As the steps of His second coming draws near, we believe He will lead us through and out of the Great Tribulation/Confusion to help the Church to make the transition from the Church Age to the Millennial Jubilee.

Manchester Suicide Bombing

The Number 22 Implies Two Human Pitfalls

The book Numbers and Roots of Numbers in the Bible not only gives the spiritual meaning of the number 22, it also reports the unprecedented discovery of numerical roots, which reveals the deeper meanings of numbers.

If we calculate the numerical root of number 22 according to the app called “Numerical Root Calculator” developed by TheoLogos Publications, we will find that its numerical root is a three-element circulating root: (217_352_160). See the screen capture below:

The numerical root of 22 is a three element circulating root (217_352_160)

To better present this three-element circulating root, we made the following picture:

The numerical root of 22 is a three element circulating root (217_352_160)

Note that this root which consist of three numbers that are alternating in an endless circle has its connection to the number 6, which is associated with the 6th-day creation of Adam. As a result, we can call it “the circulating root of man”, pinpointing one pitfall of man, that a man reveres whoever can fills his or her belly as God. Read how the apostle Paul gave the definition for belly:

“For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.” (Philippians 3:18-19)

Think about it… as a human being, we naturally plan our lives for our flesh. 1/3 of our time is reserved for sleeping so that our body can take a rest; 1/3 of our time is spent for making money so that we can have food and place to live a comfortable life; shouldn’t we spend the leftover 1/3 time to nourish our spirit-soul? Expectantly so, right? But how many of us would not fall into another pit?

Odd enough, this second pitfall again has a connection with the number 22.

If we truly understand the concept of the numerical roots, we will know that it is based on a “cubic principle” where every digit composing a number go through a self-multiplication for three times before the summation process. According to James Harrison’s book The Pattern & The Prophecy: God’s Great Code that was published in 1994, a starting number acting as the pre-image can also find its image (we call it “root”) by a simple summation process. See the following:

22 –> 2 + 2 = 4

As you can see, 22 is tied up with 4 this way. As the numerical root of the number 4 is a second circulating root (133_55_250) which consists of three different numbers that again change in circle without stopping. See the screen capture below:

The numerical root of number 4 is a three-element circulating root (133_55_250)

To better present this three-element circulating root, we made the following picture:

The numerical root of number 4 is a three-element circulating root (133_55_250)

This three-element root that is tied up with number 4 can be called “angel’s circulating root” which reveals another pitfall of those who are like angels inside and also called humans outside: self-pride to be angels already leads to be rebellious against God and all authorities.

When being put together, these two three-element circulating roots reveal two pitfalls for human beings: revering whoever can fills his or her belly as God and rebelling against the one true God. For one’s own belly, it is hard to love others as oneself; for one’s own pride and rebellion against God, it is hard to love God. You see these two endless three-element circulating numbers act as two vicious circles, chained one’s two legs and feet to the ground and hell so that no one can be set free to walk on the path of God.

two circles of hell

This gives the chance for the power of the Gospel: the God of heaven chose to become a man of flesh, through death and even death on the Cross to put the devil into shame and conquer the power of hell. Through resurrection from the death to set Him and whoever following Him free and out of the two vicious circles of hell.

For this reason, we believe that the Millennial Jubilee cannot be established by human hands. Only through the mercy and promise of God, humanity can be brought to a helpless end which reveals the two great pitfalls of mankind. Only then we as a whole can be turned around towards our Creator, admitting the evils in us, repenting for our inability to love God and love others, receiving God’s forgiveness and love in the Holy Spirit.

Seeing the Importance of the Number 2000 from the Distributed Probabilities of the Two Three-Element Numerical Roots among Numbers of 1 to 2400

For those who have read the book Numbers and Roots of Numbers in the Bible, they should know that 4 selected tables of numerical roots for numbers 1 to 2400 are given in the appendix section. These tables reveal the pattern and the probabibilities of how these two 3-element circulating roots (133_55_250) and (217_352_160) show up in the tables.

Among the first 100 numbers, the numerical root (133_55_250) which representing “the circulating root of angels” shows up 10 times, meaning the probability is 10%, while (217_352_160) which representing “the circulating root of man” shows up only 5 times, meaning its probability is 5%. However, the two breaks even among numbers 1301 to 1400, with both having a probability of 6%. It is interesting that (217_352_160) which representing “the circulating root of man” is totally missing among numbers 1901 and 2000 while (133_55_250) decreases in probability to only 3%. Lastly, among numbers 2301 to 2400 a completely different trend stands out: the numerical root (133_55_250) which representing “the circulating root of angels” disappears totally while (217_352_160)’s probability increases to 7%. For clarity purpose, we put all these numbers, roots and distributed probabilities into a table below:

Seeing the Importance of the Number 2000 from the Distributed Probabilities of the Two Three-Element Numerical Roots among Numbers of 1 to 2400

From this we know the trend involving these two three-element circulating roots flips around the number 2000.

How to understand the missing of “the circulating numerical root of man” among numbers before 2000? The book of Numbers and Roots of Numbers in the Bible explains that this could mean that humanity has come to a stage that someone could become so mature that they are ready for the first resurrection that is prophesied in the Bible. However, this could also mean that the modern world is so rich in physical wealth that all living persons could have been fed abundantly had the wealth is not restricted into the hands of the minority people.

Therefore, we see the physical wealth does not automatically uplift the humanity’s spirituality to a point of sharing with others. On the contrary, the ever blossoming of the liberalism, individualism and atheism in both western and eastern countries have led us onto a dangerous path of endless desire for physical wealth. As a result, the vicious circle of “man against man and nation against nation” could be the norm and redistribution of physical wealth with force may become inevitable.

Based on the problems within and among three great nations of US, China and Russia and regional conflicts all over of the world, major wars and even world war III maybe unavoidable should the God of heaven does not intervene. This is as sad as what have happened in Manchester.

As the book Wake Up at the Midnight Cry has revealed, the last seven in Daniel’s 70×7 prophecy may fall into this period of 2016-2023. If this is so, then we have come to the second year of this last seven.

For those who are familiar with Joseph’s story of 7 years of famine followed by the 7 years of harvest, they know that it was on the passing of the 2nd year of the 7-year famine that Joseph’s revealed his identity before his elder brothers when they had repent of their sins of killing and forsaking Joseph. As a type for Jesus, what Joseph said to his elder brothers should catch our attention:

“And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you. For two years now there has been famine in the land, and for the next five years there will be no plowing and reaping. But God sent me ahead of you to preserve for you a remnant on earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance.” (Genesis 45:5-7)

We believe that, as we come close to the passing of 2nd year of the 7-year famine, what will happen in the remaining 5 years is a great challenge for us. Many true things will be shown to be false and vice versa. The whole humanity will be tested in fires in order to purify the Church which has Gentiles as the majority and to give Jews the chance to recognize Jesus of Nazareth as their true Messiah. The goal seems to be clear: the true Church should consist of both Jews an Gentiles, united as one glorious body of Christ on earth, which heralds in the age of Millennial Jubilee, the best age for mankind.

We often say “the end of man is the beginning of God”. For this, we need to pray to Him who can strengthen us with His power and grace. May He give us the will and desire to face His testing and christening for the sake our glorious future ahead!