Time/Space Expressions and Great Bible Prophecies: How to Understand US and China Current and Future Relations Based on Bible Prophecies Concerning the Millennial Kingdom Age

I have decided not to do live English broadcast at the moment. If you live inside Mainland China, please click here to view a special page in Simplified Chinese (with shared area for interactions).

Note: You are watching recorded session of the previous live 您現在看的是上次直播的存檔...

If you do not see the live session, it means it is off air; if the recorded video is not for the previous live session in English, please click here to select from recorded English live sessions at YouTube.

Note that each live session will be streamed to the following live platforms (Facebook Live has been just added recently and more will be added with time):

  1. youtube.com/user/TheoLogosDotNet/live
  2. facebook.com/TheoLogosPublications
  3. beam.pro/724347
  4. afreeca.tv/yiximian
  5. connectcast.tv/lotnomore
  6. liveedu.tv/yiximian
  7. livehouse.in/channel/579344
  8. breakers.tv/simonslive
  9. dailymotion.com/endtimeseries
  10. hitbox.tv/simonslive
  11. mobcrush.com/simonslive
  12. vaughnlive.tv/simonslive
  13. instagib.tv/simonslive
  14. vapers.tv/simonslive
  15. stream.me/simonslive
  16. picarto.tv/simonslive

If you would like to send questions and suggestions to us via email, please use the following form:

Simon's Live: Time-Space Expressions and

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